Coty / OPI

Imagine / LF Beauty

Creative Direction, Strategy, Design


We were tasked with exploring how we believed the OPI brand could be best presented at retail. Through our understanding of the global market it highlighted the opportunity for us to create a considered, adaptable display system that could reduce costs for the brand long-term.

What We Did

To help provide a broader understanding of the brand, I began by assessing where OPI sat amongst its peers and looked to establish clear merchandising principles from which I could create an intelligent, modular solution. This would allow the brand to enter multiple retail locations around the world through employing a much more flexible approach to their displays.

The colour projection of the product was key in attracting customers, so the ideas centred around ensuring the iconic bottle was hero'd and creating strong colour stories through the display. The product tile was at the heart of the concept and was designed to be used within a broad range of retailers. This would also allow it to be used within different furniture types ranging from wall fixtures through to free-standing displays and provide a flexible merchandising component to hero product, graphics and education.