Collection Cosmetics

Strategy, Product Design, UI/UX Design


We were asked to deliver a new mobile app for Collection cosmetics. Our goal was to design and develop a virtual makeup application. A social app that engaged the users, provided them with relevant product and styling knowledge and the ability to explore the full range of products on device.

What We Did

We looked to create a focussed UX, establishing a social first approach to virtual makeup application. Capitalising on key friendship groups and the vibrant and lively cosmetics communities.

The app included standout social sharing tools and engaging tutorials that allowed the brand to connect with their audience at a much deeper, emotional level. Providing a secure and trusted place for the younger demographic of 16–20 year olds to test and explore a range of personalised looks. The platform allowed friends to come together, play with products and be creative as a group, without fear of exposing their makeup experiments to a wider social network – helping to nurture and secure a new wave of brand champions for Collection.

With highly active social media channels split across all the key networks, we looked to capitalise on this with the home section of the app. This features an aggregated stream of Collection social media posts, ensuring that every time the app was opened it would continue to feel fresh and new. An easy to navigate product catalogue features application tutorials and a prominent camera button encourages interaction and in-turn product trials. Curated looks include multiple products that could be virtually trialled through sophisticated face detection and mapping technologies and changed as easily as applying a filter to a photo.

We were to partner with an external team to leverage their expertise in market-leading face-mapping technologies and to develop and code the app for both iOS and Android platforms.