Imagine / LF Beauty

Creative Direction, Design, Visualisation


Building on their success in the clothing sector Blanco were set to launch a new range of cosmetics into their fashion stores. The new product was to be positioned alongside a strong existing visual identity and supported by clean, modern and timeless packaging, aligned perfectly with the parent brand.

What We Did

The display programme was to fully support the promotion of the new cosmetics product and look to increase impulse sales whilst also striving to be seen as a key destination for the fashion focused make-up customers.

Non-traditional furniture styles were explored that created a clear distinction from the standard, mass-cosmetic retail displays and would let the new brand live much more harmoniously within the clothing stores. Striking geometric furniture was then designed that presented the product range in a clear and simple way, allowing for easy and cost effective updates to keep up with the ever-changing trends of the wider fashion offering.